XIONG Xiaoyu / Sherry 熊晓宇

“ …at the heart of this critical language, between several discourses, those of sociology, of semiology, and of psychoanalysis—but that, by ultimate dissatisfaction with all of them, I was bearing witness to the only sure thing that was in me (however naive it might be): a desperate resistance to any reductive system. For each time, having resorted to any such language to whatever degree, each time I felt it hardening and thereby tending to reduction and reprimand, I would gently leave it and seek elsewhere: I began to speak differently.”
                                                                                                     --   Roland Barthes (1980), Camera Lucida

    selected artworks 部分作品
DNA mirror DNA镜子,2024
Where_is_语言_مرضی_nehmen 나?, (文字将去向哪里?), 2024

1 Question ⋅20 People ⋅ 20 Glasgow ⋅ 20 World,
一个问题,20个人,20个格拉斯哥,20个世界, 2024

A Translation Experiment 一个翻译实验,2023
My  Hamburg, 我眼中的汉堡,2023.
Glasgow in my Eyes,  我眼中的格拉,2023
Identity you, 定义你,2023
Who  is Hui’an Woman?,谁是惠安女?,2022
Listen  to Her,看它说,2021

    projects 综合项目
    My word, My world, 我的文字宇宙,2023-now
    Art&Heritage Exhibition,艺术与遗产展览,2021-2023
    Soapbox Science & Art,2018

      writings 观点写作
    The Malevolence of Words , 书写之恶,2023
    The Rebellion of Words,文字的反叛,2024
    Colonial Arrogance: In the Name of Cultural Appropriation,

    The Imagination of Words: Living Words, 文字的想象力:活着的文字,2023


    : xiongxiaoyu66@163.com


    1 Question ⋅20 People ⋅ 20 Glasgow ⋅ 20 World

    Interactive insatalltion, Photographic paper printing, Video (interviews, 25 mins). 2024.

    Exhibition in Glue Factory, 2024, UK.

    new words of “Glasgow” collected from the interviewees, photography paper print, 21 * 21 cm each.

    interactive insatalltion.
    click the link to create your own words: https://openprocessing.org/sketch/2268724

    Interviews and the new words creation from the interviewees.