XIONG Xiaoyu / Sherry 熊晓宇

“ …at the heart of this critical language, between several discourses, those of sociology, of semiology, and of psychoanalysis—but that, by ultimate dissatisfaction with all of them, I was bearing witness to the only sure thing that was in me (however naive it might be): a desperate resistance to any reductive system. For each time, having resorted to any such language to whatever degree, each time I felt it hardening and thereby tending to reduction and reprimand, I would gently leave it and seek elsewhere: I began to speak differently.”
                                                                                                     --   Roland Barthes (1980), Camera Lucida

    selected artworks 部分作品
DNA mirror DNA镜子,2024
Where_is_语言_مرضی_nehmen 나?, (文字将去向哪里?), 2024

1 Question ⋅20 People ⋅ 20 Glasgow ⋅ 20 World,
一个问题,20个人,20个格拉斯哥,20个世界, 2024

A Translation Experiment 一个翻译实验,2023
My  Hamburg, 我眼中的汉堡,2023.
Glasgow in my Eyes,  我眼中的格拉,2023
Identity you, 定义你,2023
Who  is Hui’an Woman?,谁是惠安女?,2022
Listen  to Her,看它说,2021

    projects 综合项目
    My word, My world, 我的文字宇宙,2023-now
    Art&Heritage Exhibition,艺术与遗产展览,2021-2023
    Soapbox Science & Art,2018

      writings 观点写作
    The Malevolence of Words , 书写之恶,2023
    The Rebellion of Words,文字的反叛,2024
    Colonial Arrogance: In the Name of Cultural Appropriation,

    The Imagination of Words: Living Words, 文字的想象力:活着的文字,2023


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    DNA mirror DNA 镜子

    Interactive moving image, 移动互动图像,2024

    Exhibition in Glue Factory, Glasgow, UK, 2024

    This work represents the third stage of my exploration into the relationship between text and power—text and the body. Archaeologist Zhang Guangzhi suggests that from the very day of its inception, language has carried the weight of human power and desire. As language evolves and expands, it not only defines the environment around us but also gradually delineates every cell of the human body. How will the four letters "ACGT," which decode genes, control our bodies? Is human perception still beyond the reach of power mechanisms?

    该作品是我关于文字与权力的探索的第三个阶段——文字与身体。考古学家张广直认为,文字从诞生之日起就承载着人类的权力和欲望。 随着文字的演变和扩张,它不仅定义了我们周围的环境,也逐渐定义了人体的每个细胞。 “ACGT”这四个解释基因的字母将如何控制我们身体?人类的感知力是否还在权力机制的控制范围之外?